Senkin Nature Organic Kimoto 2020 720ml

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Brewery: Senkin Shuzo (仙禽酒造)
Region: Tochigi Prefecture
Rice: Kamenoo

Brewed by the oldest brewery in Tochigi, founded in 1806 and made using the Kimoto method, in natural wooden vats as well as naturally occuring yeast and lactic acid bacteria.

Richly aromatic, velvety with a great mouthfeel. Juicy fruits are interwoven with mouth watering acidity, with a gentle Kimoto flavour of light spice and savoury.

The aroma is rich and fruity like muscat and grapefruits. The taste is complex with gentle sweetness and umami. 

Tasting Notes:  Fragrant, Slight Sweet, Rich
Food pairing: Cheese

Best Served: Chilled/Cold

Alcohol Vol.: 14%
Rice Polishing Ratio: 90%
Grade: not open to the public

Available in: 720ml