Mimurosugi ‘Dio Abita’ Muroka Genshu Sake 720ml

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Award: Sake Competition 2017 Gold
Brewery: Imanishi Shuzo (今西酒造)
Region: Nara Prefecture
Rice: Yamada Nishiki (山田錦)

Dio Abita means "God" in Spanish. Originally it was brewed in small batches and available in only one season a year.

With an ABV of 13%,  it is lower than the average alcohol content of sake. This is a genshu (undiluted sake). It stands out in its interesting brewing method where water is added to the moromi slowly in small quantities over time. Light body, smooth with a hint of bubbly mouthfeel.  Pairs well with Japanese and Western cuisines.

Tasting Notes: Light Body, Smooth, Refreshing fruity
Food pairing: Shigureni (preserve made with mirin, ginger and soy)
Best Served: Chilled

Alcohol Vol.: 13%
Rice Polishing Ratio: 60%
Grade: Junmai 

Available in: 720ml