Kaze no Mori Junmai Akitsuho Shiboribana 720ml

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Award: U.S. National Sake Appraisal 2018 (2nd)

Brewery: Yucho Shuzo (油長酒造)
Region: Nara prefecture 
Rice: Akitsuho

The Akitsuho rice varietal is ideal for brewing Kaze no Mori. All the Akitsuho rice used is grown locally by Yucho Shuzo’s contract farmers. 

To capture the full flavour, the sake has a slow fermentation process at low temperature for 30-32 days which preserves the long lasting fragrant hint of Akitsuho Rice.

All Kaze no Mori is junmai sake, meaning it's pure and not diluted with alcohol or water. In addition, Kaze no Mori sake is unfiltered and unpasteurised, which gives it its slight effervescence making it completely 100% natural.

Tasting Notes:  Well balanced, acidic
Food pairing: Carpaccio (Salmon and cheese)
Best Served: Chilled

Alcohol Vol.: 14%

Rice Polishing Ratio: 80%
Grade: Junmai