Aramasa Ecru 720ml

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Award: Sake Competition 2015 Silver
Brewery: Aramasa Shuzo (新政酒造)
Region: Akita Prefecture

It has a fresh taste that does not feel the heat brewed sake.
It produces tasty sake with a mild aroma and minimal acid and light finish.

The combination of artisanal brewing techniques and low temperature aging methods is what brings the magic to all Aramasa brews. Ecru is a light and fresh Kimoto sake that holds a deep layer of flavours. The nose of almond, cake and brown sugar is completed by gentle bitterness, elegant notes of apricot and hidden lime. Aramasa Ecru is easy to drink sake that holds a beautIful complexity.

Tasting Notes: 
Food pairing: Onion mousse

Best Served: Chilled

Alcohol Vol.: 
Rice Polishing Ratio: 

Available in: 720ml