Discover the difference.

Kamakura Waku is an outstanding traditional Japanese Kaiseki restaurant established in 2017 in the heart of the ancient city Kamakura. Carefully selected organic food, seasonal ingredients, and highest quality Sake makes the difference to whatever you have seen and tasted before. The concept of Kaiseki goes back to the year 1500 and includes the experience of balancing the taste, texture, appearance and colors of food. Dishes are arranged and presented on traditionally plates that are chosen to enhance the appearance of the meal. Kaiseki meal is one of the highlights of the Japanese cuisine.

SAK”ESPRIT” is the brand for bringing our experience and selling selected Sake to the world. The chef of Kamakura Waku, Morio Fujimaki, and the Sommelier, Yusuke Ryuzoji, selected from our menu locally brewed Sake, which fits for your taste and requirements. Beside the famous Dassai and Jyu-yondai you can find over 1,400 Sake breweries in Japan. Our concept focus on locally brewed Sake.

Discover the Difference

Forging a bridge between Kamakura Japan and the world for skilled Sake brewers.

Get renowned awarded quality sake from reputable Japanese breweries at the best price.